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In November of the 1998 Indiana firearms season my then 2 1/2 year-old daughter Megan and I sat out for our first hunt together. In all reality, I firmly believed this outing was going to turn out to be nothing more than a brief sit in the woods. And if we were really lucky, maybe we would see a deer or two.

To make things more comfortable for Megan and myself I carried along a Pop-Up brand Portable Blind. I knew that being made of cordura, the Pop-Up blind would provide ample protection from any elements (wind, rain or snow) that Mother Nature could throw at us.

As the hunt went on, I became amazed at how in tune 2 1/2 year-old Megan was with her surroundings. No questions of why the sky was blue. Rather, Megan was asking questions that other hunting buddies of mine
would ask..."Do you think the buck will come from the swamp tonight, Daddy?" "Or do you think they'll come from the pines?"

The questions were interrupted when from the corner of the swamp appeared several does followed by a seven pointer. My heart began to pound as my intentions of a brief sit turned into expectations of Megan and mine first deer together.

As luck would have it, the buck presented us with a great shot. Megan now has the rack mounted on her bedroom wall as a testament to our first hunt.

Being an outdoor parent, I have an obligation to my children of making every outdoor outing as comfortable and safe as I possibly can. I know that without the comfort and protection of a Pop-Up brand Portable blind, Megan's outing with her Dad would have never turn out as successful as it did.

Thank you I.W.S. for your dedication to a great product.

Brian E. Smith
Raghorn News Outdoors
Indiana's Largest Outdoor News Magazine

After 9 years of using a pop-up boatblind and using the blind more than 30 days each duck & goose season, it seems important I say thank-you! Your products are of great design, reliability, and comfort.

I am also including an order for a new blind. With the sale of my old boat, motor, blind, and trailer. There is not another product on the market that compares to yours in quality, function, concealment or versatility.

At 53 years old and a lifetime of waterfowl hunting on a freelance basis, (public areas), in the midwest, I recommend the Pop-Up line of personal and boat blinds to any serious waterfowl hunter. It is for a lifetime unless you sell your rig.

Best Regards,
Steven C. Maltzahn
Creston, Iowa

From: Tom Rodgers
Classic Adventures TV Series

"In forty years of Turkey hunting across the country, I've used just about every camp blind on the market and none comes close to the versatility and usefulness of the Pop-Up Blind. For wild turkey, deer, varmint, waterfowl or whatever type of hunting you choose, Pop-Up Blinds (at only 22 lbs.) offers a superior product that no serious hunter should be without."

Tom Rodgers
Founder: National Wild Turkey Federation

Last August, I purchased one of your pop up blinds for my Lund 18' Alaskan, I was excited to try this style of blind after many years of hunting our of a fixed blind on a john boat. I want you to know that your blind system was everything you promised and then some.

One of the features I appreciated most was the flexibility of this blind system. Setup time is quick as is take down time. This offered us the opportunity to drop the blind, launch the boat, retrieve ducks and be back and set up again with minimal effort.

Another feature that we enjoyed was the "snap back" top mechanism. Depending on weather conditions, you can have the top fully closed and use the snap back feature or you can secure it in various partial open positions. No matter what the weather offered, your blind system provided the protection and comfort we needed. And after hunting ducks for over 30 years, there's nothing wrong wit a little comfort.

After years of hunting out of boats with cramped quarters, I can't tell you how nice it is to hunt out of a blind that offers "elbow room" for each hunter. I feel that this also adds to the safety of the hunt by giving each hunter sufficient space to safely aim and shoot.

Your folding chairs are a great feature. I can't believe how much we enjoyed the comfort of actually having chairs to sit on. They sure beat camp stools, bar stools, milk crates and all the other devices of discomfort we used to sit on.

Thanks again for developing such a great product. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy my new blind for many years to come.

Bill Bixby

Over the past years I've tried just about every type of homemade blind possible...wooden frames, electrical conduit, and even a welded metal frame with a roof. Only to find I had to spend more time altering and fixing my blind than hunting.

Prior to the hunting season I had a custom made Pop-Up Blind made for my 16' Alumacraft. That was the best thing that ever happened to my waterfowl season, and I never realized how easy and comfortable duck hunting could really be!! The Pop-Up Blind is by far the easiest, quickest and most productive way to hide from waterfowl.

During the waterfowl season, we used our Pop-Up on numerous bodies of water. All the way from big water diver hunting to tucking away in the brush on rivers and backwaters. We had No Problems...None!

I would personally recommend the Pop-Up Blind to anyone who enjoys hunting.

Field Staff,
Up North Outdoors

P.S. We've just ordered another Pop-Up for our other boat.

For the past several years, my sons and myself have used the Pop-up products for multiple hunting experiences. We have been extremely impressed with their versatility and effectiveness. We have used them in all types of weather conditions and hunting situations. These blinds are extremely comfortable and functional. We have used them on many occasions for hunting ducks, geese and wild turkeys. One of our most memorable experiences was the first winter that we used them, bagging our limit of Canada geese in the middle of a snow covered wheat field. The functionality and versatility of these Pop-up products opened up many areas we were unable to successfully hunt in the past.

All of the clients my two sons have guided using these Pop-up blinds have been extremely impressed. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is seriously interested in water fowl hunting, and they maybe used for wild turkey and deer hunting, as well. We have been extremely pleased with their performance and plan to continue using them in the future.

Sam D. Hoeper, Jr.
1982 World Champion Duck Caller
Kansas City, MO

Congratulations on a fantastic blind design. I have used your pop up blind for the last 5 years while conducting wild turkey trapping operations here in Kansas. By placing a small propane heater in the blind, I have been able to sit all day in comfort while waiting for the turkeys to appear. The design of the “chair” allows one to be comfortable even when sitting for very long periods of time (12 hours or more).

I also wanted to let you know that I will be utilizing your Pop Up blinds to help educate school children in my district. We were fortunate enough to get an education wetland built here and the blinds will be manned by children and adults of all ages to learn about our wildlife resources. Use of your blinds will allow these individuals to observe wildlife up close and personal and should really enhance the overall learning “experience”.

Thank you for designing such a user friendly blind. It has greatly enhanced my ability to work effectively in adverse weather conditions. Keep up the good work!!

Daniel S. Lekie
Wildlife Biologist
State of Kansas

After using your Cordura Pop Up blinds for two full seasons I just want to tell you that its the greatest! Its built to last–I’ve proved that by using it hard in tough places. And I've never felt so invisible in my life!

I've used the blind for hunting with both camera and gun and the results are hard to believe. I've had wild turkey gobblers come within fifteen feet. I've had coyotes come so close that I could hear their breathing. Deer pay no attention to the blind at all and geese and ducks swarm in over it and just never know I'm there.

With your blind I can go where the game goes and set quickly and be totally unseen. I'll never build another brush blind again.

Jerome B. Robinson
Sports Afield
Canaan Center, NH

Enclosed is my check for a second Pop Up blind. The first one has been the best investment in hunting I have made to date. i have decided to purchase another for my wife and for my hunting buddies to use because there is nothing that can compare to the hunting comfort and concealment that your blind offers. I feel that at any price, your blind is a bargain. It keeps you warm, dry, concealed, and is just fantastic! I actually feel guilty when I am hunting with those that do not have a Pop Up, as they are usually cold and miserable without the advantages your blind provides.

I highly recommended the Pop Up to anyone that hunts. They too will probably buy another one after experiencing the portable condominium called the Pop Up. Thanks for making a great product.

Tony Wallin
Eagle River, WI

This is just to let you know, that the pop-up blind you made for us is "top notch". We are very happy and would recommend your services to anyone who would like the total package.

This is not one of those "one size fits all" boat blinds, it was custom fir and designed to perfection. We just can't say enough.

My father, stated that the service was fantastic, and very professional. Also the advise and suggestions to make our boat better, really made a big difference in the use of boat and blind.

You can sure tell that the pop-up blind people knew what they were talking about and how to get concealed.

Again thanks for the great product and we look forward to years of enjoyment and comfort while duck and goose hunting the Missouri River and other lakes in southeastern South Dakota.

Jeff Juffer

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