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The FLOAT-N-TOTE is the most versatile hunting blind ever built by Pop-Up. The blind design combines all of the unique features and qualities that have made the Pop-Up portable field blind and Pop-Up boat blind standards of the industry for many years.

The FLOAT-N-TOTE 4-man Poly-Resin base compartment measures 5' wide x 9' long x 2' high and weighs less than 300 pounds with the blind attached. The base compartment and the attached Pop-Up blind and tarp system can easily be loaded on a full size pickup truck or a flat bed trailer, making this blind extremely mobile and versatile for all waterfowl, varmint or big game hunting conditions. The FLOAT-N-TOTE is designed to hold all of the guns, gear and decoys required, while only displacing 2" of water when fully loaded and being towed or pulled across a slough or even sheet water. The FLOAT-N-TOTE can also be easily pulled by an ATV or other modes of power across cornfields or frozen ground, dug into a field pit or even mounted as a permanent blind on a wooden structure.

When the FLOAT-N-TOTE is positioned in your favorite hunting spot, the Pop-Up blind top can be easily and completely closed providing windproof, waterproof concealment and comfort. The blind snaps back in a split second, providing a 360 degree shooting platform. This blind is custom built by hunters for hunters, using the tested and proven concept of the legendary Pop-Up boat blind. Each FLOAT-N-TOTE blind is built to order and can be modified or customized to meet your unique needs.

The FLOAT-N-TOTE 4-man blind offers more versatility and mobility than any other hunting blind on the market today. The FLOAT-N-TOTE is built with a Poly Resin base and an all-weather Cordura® waterproof, windproof camouflage Pop-Up blind top. Available in popular patterns from Real Tree® and Mossy Oak®.

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Now one blind can be used for all hunting conditions whether on land or on water...waterfowl or big game...varmints or crows.

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